[TangerineSDR] 'gr-rtp' - GNU Radio module to use ka9q-radio radiod RTP output as a GNU Radio source

Franco VENTURI fventuri at comcast.net
Mon Aug 21 11:36:45 EDT 2023

As I mentioned in the TangerineSDR telecon, in the last few weeks I have been working on writing a GNU Radio OOT module called 'gr-rtp' that provides a GNU Radio source block to connect directly to the multicast streams from ka9q-radio 'radiod' program.
The module is available on GitHib: https://github.com/fventuri/gr-rtp
Over the weekend I ran a few tests, fixed a couple of bugs, and built some GNU Radio Companion flowgraphs (in the 'examples' directory) to show how it can be used.
If anyone is interested, I can give a quick demo (no more than 10 minutes) in the second half of tonight's telecon (provided RDP works with Zoom; we'll see).
Credits and many thanks to Phil Karn KA9Q for his program 'ka9q-radio', and for the source code from 'pcmcat.c' and 'multicast.c' that I used almost unchanged in the GNU Radio module.
Franco K4VZ
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