[TangerineSDR] Software Defined Radio Academy and European GNU Radio Days

Markus Heller heller at relix.de
Mon May 30 17:51:04 EDT 2022

Dear recipients,

please let me inform you that this year's Software Defined Radio
Academy will take place together with a strong contribution from our
friends and colleagues of the European GNU Radio Days on Friday June 24
and Saturday June 25 in Friedrichshafen as part of the HAMRADIO fair.
It will be a hybrid event with some talks on-site and some remote. 

The event will start with a series of tutorials from our EGRD
colleagues on Friday and we will host 12 talks on Saturday. 

The highlight of the event will be the first award ceremony of the
Ulrich L. Rohde Award on Advances in SDR Research. We are proud that
the president of the International Amateur Radio Union, Sylvain Azarian
F4GKR is lending his hand to give the award to the laureate. 

This is particularly notable because it shows the recognition of SDR
technology in research as well as in Amateur Radio. And it it equally
notable that the Ulrich L. Rohde Award is the first award on SDR
research in Europe. Also notable is that the board of the award
consists of French and German academic teachers and it is a good and
fruitful example of European co-operation. 

The EGRD and SDRA will both take place in the room "Berlin" in the
eastern conference zone of the HAMRADIO fair. There will be a Youtube
live stream at https://youtube.sdra.io and you can find the programme
at https://2022.sdra.io/pages/programme.html

Best Regards
Markus Heller M.A.

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