[TangerineSDR] Software Defined Radio Academy 2021

Markus Heller heller at relix.de
Wed Mar 10 17:20:28 EST 2021

Dear List,

the TangerineSDR project is still quite unknown in the European HAM

Since this year's SDRA is going to be a purely virtual conference that
allows maximum independence from location and travel, I would like to
ask iy anyone would be willing to give an overview of the project. 

Please note that the SDRA is taking place on Saturday June 26 and
Sunday June 27. For quality reasons we are pre-recording all the
contributions from April onwards. 

We are using a 30 minutes and 45 minutes frame which includes a
presentation of the speaker, the pre-recorded talk and a short Q&A
phase with some final words. We are using YouTube as a Content
Distribution platform. Due to the shorter attention span on YouTube, we
prefer the shorter frame, but are willing to spend more time if the
talk is covering more fundamental developments. 

I would highly welcome such a contribution from your community. 

Please contact me if anybody would give such a talk. 

Thanks in advance!


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