[TangerineSDR] Notes from PSWS / TangerineSDR call of 03-01-2021

Tom McDermott tom.n5eg at gmail.com
Mon Mar 1 22:22:12 EST 2021

Notes from PSWS / TangerineSDR call of 03-01-2021

1. Welcome to new attendees: Bob McGwier N4HY and Joe Hobart W7LUX.

2. Nathaniel asks people to please register for HAMSCI (unless you are
presenting - Nathaniel will take care of registering the speakers).

3. Discussion of Grape Ver. 1 - should HAMSCI or TAPR consider making a kit
or list of parts available?  Possibility: Can use OSHPark to allow folks to
order boards, and could make a BOM upload that will allow folks to
auto-order parts from Digikey. Does not make sense to have the unit
contract-manufactured until the quantities reach about 100 units.  Probably
want to wait until Grape Ver. 2 before opening up larger volumes.

Grape documentation is at:  https://github.com/HamSCI/PSWS_Documentation
OSHPark board: https://oshpark.com/profiles/N8OBJ
-- this has part numbers but does not allow auto-order from Digikey.

-- Tom, N5EG
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