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Alan, I’m new to the project and can’t answer your question. I think there was some theoretical limit for the cable length, but I can’t remember the number. My understanding with is that with a distributed network of sensors, local noise can be filtered out (or maybe in some cases corrected), so your lawn mower (and mine) will show up as a momentary spike and could either be “smoothed" or cut from the dataset. I would assume some of this early data will help the end users (of the data) figure out what sorts of setups are usable, and come up with strategies to filter the data as needed.  The more sensors available the more can be done, even if each sensor location has some occasional temporal issues. One can never have enough data, and data is never perfect. -David KE8QEP
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> David:
> Good info on the Magnetometer tests!  I wonder what effect my zero turn mower would have running over it when it is buried or my heat pump running.  What would be the maximum distance you can run the cable?
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>> Tangerine list folks, with the help of Jules for suppling the boards (and help along the way), I was able to get the magnetometer running. Currently the magnetometer is buried about 2.5 feet in the ground under my deck. I have plans to to move it farther away from the house and driveways if needed. Attached is a short run (not perfect graphs) I made this morning with some notes about moving the cars around (purposefully to record the influence). The cars were parked maybe 30 feet from the magnetometer. Clearly they show up (moving the cars around), but it seems as if might be easy to correct, or recognize and ignore the disruptions. I can do some more tests, and a better “write up” to try and come with a distance for which periodically moved parked cars show up in the data if people in the group think that might be useful. I’m excited about the project and look forward to collecting more data. I will post again once I have some longer runs, but if there is anything that I can examine, specifically, that would be helpful, please let me know. -David -KE8QEP
>> <cars_moving_June_28.pdf>
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