[TangerineSDR] Fwd: another 24hour RM3100 run and comparison with Fredericksburg

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Hi Jules,

This looks excellent. Thank you!

73 de Nathaniel W2NAF

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I don't believe that my previous post carried the file K2KGJ provided.
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Subject: another 24hour RM3100 run and comparison with Fredericksburg
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I was hoping to record a relatively short term event but missed one about 10 days ago.  However, there was a good run on the 12th with an ~30nT excursion on the Y axis lasting about an hour.  In the attached pdf, the three axes of the RM3100 again track the Fredericksburg magnetometer station data quite closely.  The RM3100 plotted data points are simple running 60second averages and not the more complex filtering algorithm used by Intermagnet stations for their 1 minute data points.

The vertical axes scales on all plots are as close as I could match them by eye in cutting and pasting.

I believe the value to the right on the Intermagnet plot is the mean for the 24 hour period.  I did not try to compute a 24 hour mean.

One of the products for the future for general interest would be a running plot like those available on Intermagnet.org.  I guess we can dream a bit.

Jules - K2KGJ
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