[TangerineSDR] Notes from PSWS / TangerineSDR call of 09-14-2020

Dr. Nathaniel A. Frissell Ph.D. nathaniel.frissell at scranton.edu
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Thanks, Tom.

Here is the recording: https://scranton.zoom.us/rec/share/BS3G3HpIRBSfdTSIc0HdoTXuGr7hkQNI0-sDM5ChyBXOk40gIQRggCWthK3laKN5.4_scPq8U5riQV9-E

73 de Nathaniel W2NAF

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Notes from PSWS / TangerineSDR call of 09-14-2020

1. Welcome to Cole Robbins - Univ. of Alabama student working on the central control system / webserver / database with Bill AB4EJ.

2. Scotty says Intel duplicated his FPGA tool problem on Windows, Linux is apparently OK. The FPGA compiler package is free, he recommends that the project should use Quartus II, version 20.1 for both Windows and Linux.

3. Plan is to use Gnuradio to do characterization of the receiver module and design plus post-capture tools. Options are:
   A. Use HPSDR-Protocol-1 to the current HPSDR Gnuradio OOT module.
   B. Use new TangerineSDR protocol and Local Host.  For module design characterization would substitute a powerful Linux box for the Local Odroid/Raspberry-Pi to allow analysis tools to be used.

4. Discussion about Juha's gnuradio flowgraph for chirp ionosonde. The top_block appears to be code not auto-generated by gnuradio companion, so it's not possible to automatically go backwards to a graphical flowgraph. Discussion on how the gnuradio scheduler is asynchronous to the Python code which makes the C++ work function calls not related to specific Python instructions. This can be confusing to folks not familiar with threaded code.

-- Tom, N5EG

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