[TangerineSDR] WSPR uploading working in TangerineSDR prototype

Engelke, Bill bill.engelke at ua.edu
Tue Sep 8 16:44:37 EDT 2020

Here is some news: WSPR decoding & uploading now working in the TangerineSDR Local Host prototype (using Flex 6600 as data engine, with DE Simulator).  (Decoder/uploader based on work by Steven Franke and Pavel Demin). Spots below collected using the Tangerine:

[cid:image001.png at 01D685F6.F4267B60]

I still need to add proper filtering & decimation to the Simulator, but getting some initial results with existing "dumb decimation."

Now running test with WSPR running at the same time as Ringbuffer.  Tomorrow will set up & test ringbuffer, snapshotter, WSPR & FT8 all running simultaneously - wish me luck - 73- Bill AB4EJ
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