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Hi John,

I would again like to support Aidan in his efforts, while also reiterating that this is not mandatory, or enforceable, or anything like that.

If Aidan, and others, would like to get together to discuss code and how to do things, I think that is great. This is very similar to study sessions that students self-organize in schools. There is a lot that can be learned from each other, even when the people taking on something are relatively new to the field. Aidan has always been very professional and friendly, and I really believe that something good can come of this.

So again, I want to voice my support for Aidan and this activity. He brings a lot of enthusiasm and good ideas to the table. If people want to participate, they should. If not, that is ok, too.

Thanks and 73,

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This is purely my opinion and experience, so take it for the $0.02 it's worth.

In my 35+ years of industrial experience seeing this done, I would politely suggest that this is a really bad idea.

While the intentions are good (better and bug free code), unless the entire reviewing body is at the same level of coding expertise, it quickly turns into hurt ego's and people being insulted on both ends of the spectrum of coding expertise.

When you have such a diverse group with widely varying backgrounds (such as this group), this usually turns into someone who only codes for a living telling people who don't 'only just code' how to do things correctly or more efficiently.

And unless the 'professional coder' has the personality to deal with this diverse backgrounds correctly (most don't), it usually ends up causing more harm and long term strained relationships which goes against a collaborative effort such as what the PSWS project is.

Not good.

I will not be attending any of these meetings as I'm already having a serious panic attack just writing this....  WAY too may bad experiences flooding back to torture me....

John N8OBJ

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Hi Bill and others,

I just want reiterate what this is and what this is not.

Aidan is looking to create a group where interested people who would like to show their code, ask for help, and share ideas can do so. This is not mandatory, and it is not necessarily part of the PSWS project. Maybe “Code Review” is the wrong title for this group, and “Code Sharing, Discussion, and Help” might be better. I see this as an especially good opportunity for students who are learning to code or do data analysis to be able to talk to each other and help each other out on any HamSCI-related coding they might be doing. This might also be good for a non-student who has wanted to take up a new language, like Python, and be able to talk to others about what they are doing.

I hope that there are people who will find this a helpful sharing session.

73 de Nathaniel W2NAF

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Aiden – I don’t wish to be uncooperative, but this could be a significant increase in scope; so I will not be participating in any code reviews until directed to do so by the UA Principal Investigator (Dr. Travis Atkinson). If you want to pursue this, please go thru the chain of command, i.e., ask Nathaniel (chief PI) to pass this new requirement to our team thru Dr. Atkinson.   -73- Bill AB4EJ

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Dear all,

Thanks everyone for sharing your thoughts on my proposal for hamsci code review sessions! I really appreciate the feedback.

Please fill out the form (https://forms.gle/uiEHCqMG9v1BaQiW7) by this Thursday if you haven't already so that I can schedule a time. My college semester just began this week, so I mostly know my own schedule and can pick a time.

Also, I wanted to provide some comments that will hopefully clarify a few things:

The code review sessions are intended to be pretty informal. I want a space for people to talk about programming in our projects, get help on topics they would like to discuss, and polish the aspects of their work they'd like to polish.

As Kristina pointed out, "code review" is a bit of a reserved word in certain groups, and often means a specific thing. I'm not trying to be so formal (perhaps I should have called them by a different name). I don't expect that anyone has to follow any of the recommendations they get at any of the sessions. And I don't expect that all code written in HamSCI has to go through code review.

Also, these sessions are half for the benefit of our projects, and half for everyone's individual benefit. Part of my motivation is the desire to personally improve my own abilities, and I hope that others will learn things as well. I appreciate the sentiment that not all good ideas might be implemented now, but some might be worth remembering for the future. If someone decides that we can't implement an idea now, but learns something that can be applied in their future projects, I'd consider that a success.

Finally, I'm a bit of a nerd, and I do personally enjoy learning about things like programming standards. But my intent of code review is not to propose any coding standard or style guide.

I hope that makes my thoughts a bit clearer. I continue to appreciate the feedback, and enjoy the discussions. Hearing from everyone’s different experiences is one of my favorite parts of hamsci!


Aidan Montare
CWRU Class of 2021
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