[TangerineSDR] Notes from PSWS / TangerineSDR call 05-18-2020

Tom McDermott tom.n5eg at gmail.com
Mon May 18 22:37:08 EDT 2020

Notes from PSWS / TangerineSDR call of 05-18-2020

1. Elizabeth mentioned that University of Houston is looking at
TangerineSDR for their balloon experiment ground station, rather than the
balloon itself. This is due to size and weight limitations.

2. Discussion on I2C addressing for the magnetometer, both hardware and
software. Different single board computers use different bus interfaces to
talk to the external I2C pins. Changing the I2C bus speed (away from
default) to 100 kb/s currently looks like it may need editing the device
tree (differently) for each SBC type.

3. Scotty asked if the HF receiver could be extended to VLF frequencies
without degrading the HF performance. The VLF requirements (NF,
sensitivity, dynamic range, frequency range, etc.) are not known.  At this
point it seems best to first characterize the performance of the receiver
we have designed at not only HF but also VLF, then see if the VLF
performance is adequate. If not then either design modifications (if
possible while maintaining the HF specs) or a different receiver could be

-- Tom, N5EG
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