[TangerineSDR] Filename structure, Node info contents, other stuff to ponder

John Gibbons jcg66 at case.edu
Tue May 5 19:06:38 EDT 2020


I'm putting this out as an "initial stake in the ground" to work from.

I've bounced this off of Nathaniel and Bill already, and have worked from
their initial comments for this document.

If I missed anyone (kind of sure I did), please forward this to them.

This is intended as a starting point to generate input for further
refinement, so comments are welcome and encouraged.

We should probably create a mechanism for additions / refinements to this
document for further work rather than this email thread.

I have the original .doc that created this - let me how we should handle
version control from here.  (Nathaniel?)

John N8OBJ

John C. Gibbons
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