[TangerineSDR] Notes from PSWS / TangerineSDR call of 06-22-2020

Tom McDermott tom.n5eg at gmail.com
Mon Jun 22 22:20:45 EDT 2020

Notes from PSWS / TangerineSDR call of 06-22-2020

1. Bill has FFTW working on the Odroid and processing large FFTs from his
simulated radio code.

2. Scotty is still working to get libraries for the FPGA that meets the
speed grades and memory interfaces needed for the Data Engine module.

3. Tom reduced the gain of his modified crossed-loop preamp and is getting
better intermod performance. Currently listening to 350-400 kHz airport
beacons with Hermes receiver. Achieved better than -30 dB front-to-side on
a local AM broadcast station, but the notch is very narrow, it takes
careful pointing to achieve a deep null.

4. Tom discussed the protection clamp diode planned for the TangerineSDR
receiver. It's a Protek Devices GBLC03C. Link in the chat page of the zoom

5. Dan mentioned the recent release of hamlib for Raspberry PI. It is one
version old on Raspbian OS, but current on versions of the ham packages.

-- Tom, N5EG
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