[TangerineSDR] Updated Functional Specification for Local Host

Rob Wiesler robert.wiesler at case.edu
Sat Nov 9 01:22:15 EST 2019

On Fri, Nov 08, 2019 at 17:41:19 +0000, Engelke, Bill via TangerineSDR wrote:
> To all:  Attached please find the Functional Specification for the
> Local Host (SBC), version 1.02. Changes are noted in Version History,
> p2.
> If anyone wishes to have a copy of that showing markup, please let me
> know and I will send you one.  I am not sending those out unless
> requested due to all the clutter it creates in the document.

Bill, I rely on changes to these documents being easy to pick out at a

I don't have very much free time, so re-reading the documents you
release is time-intensive enough as it is.  Trying to spot the relevant
changes is even more so.  Given a choice between spending half an hour
vdiffing a PDF and doing something else, I will nearly always choose the

Ideally, these would be plaintext documents, in which case you, I, or
anyone else could trivially generate diffs so we could pick out the
changes between document versions.  So long as you're distributing
binary documents, this is impossible, so the "tracking" markup is quite

73 de AC8YV

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