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I do not see this as desirable. I do not use this login option when





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Hello All:


As you may know, I am planning the functionality for the Central Control
System to be used for the SpaceWXnetwork (PSWS). Here, users will get their
account (and token, etc.) which they use to upload the data they collect
from their Tangerine.


HERE IS A QUESTION FOR YOU, an informal poll.


I am taking a number of design ideas from the SatNOGS network
<https://network.satnogs.org/> , and designing around the Django web
framework; however, there is something that is often suggested for
Django-based web sites (that SatNOGS does not provide, as far as I can see).
I am wondering if users will want the following feature (I don't know yet if
this will provide all the security features we need).


You can set up a Django web site to allow log-in (authentication) using
Google Accounts or Twitter accounts.    And/or, you can also provide your
own authentication (that's what SatNOGS does).


WHAT IS YOUR OPINON? - Do you think the ability to log in (for Tangerine
Data Upload) using your Google or Twitter Account is important, or should we
not support this? 


73 - W. D. Engelke (Bill), Asst. Research Engr. - AB4EJ

Center for Advanced Public Safety

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The University of Alabama

Tuscaloosa, AL 35487

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Mobile: (205) 764-3099


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