[psr-announce] Autumn 2009 Packet Status Register (PSR) Available

Stan Horzepa stanzepa at sbcglobal.net
Mon Nov 9 18:27:42 EST 2009

Autumn 2009 of TAPR's Packet Status Register (PSR) is now available at 

Table of Contents:

* President's Corner
* KD2S, TAPR’s 1st President SK
* All PSR Issues Are Now Online
* Short Bits
* Assembly of HPSDR Transceiver
* Using APRS in the Polish Alps
* Minutes of TAPR Board Meeting
* TAPR Conflict of Interest Policy
* TAPR Document Retention and Destruction Policy
* TAPR Joint Venture Policy
* TAPR Whistleblower Policy
* Dear Editor
* Noise Temperature Measurement on Mercury

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