[nos-bbs] Pactor III in JNOS?

Maiko (Personal) maiko at pcsinternet.ca
Sat May 27 16:14:54 EDT 2023

Chris, and the rest of you.

In all fairness, that was very experimental (one man show), to see
what I could do with the PTC, I did manage to get forwarding over HF 
with a fellow years and years ago, but like a lot of the stuff I did
back then (at the great expensive of a young family), lots of time
spent, nobody knocking on the front door, so it started to collect
the dust. It's very finicky, you have to give the side of the monitor
a good slap or drop kick here and there to make things work. I have
not used the code for YEARS, the HFDD (HF Digital Device) moniker
should probably be wiped from the user manual. SCS Pactor, DXP Clover,
the PK232, were all in that category, I barely knew what I was doing
at the time (probably still don't, I really hate host mode), so it
was very slapped together software, worked for me in very specific 
situations, not sure how else to explain it.

I loved the PTC modems, the way they would light up like a christmas
tree when 'fully linked', that was VERY COOL to me, shame it's all
disappeared, cause something else came by to 'replace it' ...

BUT I will hookup my PTC-IIusb (finding the time, yeah, okay) and see
if I can get 'something' going. A debug (GDB) as suggested good idea.

Thank you.

Maiko / VE4KLM

On 2023-05-26 11:44 a.m., Chris Maness wrote:
> I am trying to setup JNOS with an SCS PTC-IIIUsb in hostmde, but I am
> having JNOS segfault instantly.  Just wondering if anyone here is
> running this box.  Here is what I tried to get it going:
>   attach asy ttyUSB0 - hfdd scs 4096 80 115200
>   ifconfig scs description "Pactor III Port on HF"
> #  hfdd server scs start
> The commented bit is the instant death line.
> -Chris KQ6UP

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