[nos-bbs] Help with getting minimal JNOS configuration working

John Kristian jmkristian at gmail.com
Sun May 7 21:45:17 EDT 2023

Why bother with the Linux implementation of AX.25, in this case? 
Direwolf contains a good AX.25 implementation which (as far as I know) 
works entirely independent of the Linux software. The Linux software 
smells badly neglected.

If your ultimate target is a PC, I suggest starting with your target 
operating system (not Pi OS). For example, run Ubuntu Server on your Pi. 

Best regards,
John Kristian W6JMK

>>>> On Sun, May 7, 2023 at 4:41 PM David Lolling <dave.lolling at gmail.com> wrote:
>>>>> ... My long term plan is to run this on a small form factor PC rather than a PI.
>>>>> On 2023-05-07 5:50 p.m., Chris Maness wrote:
>>>>>>>> Maiko, I have used direwolf with kiss using the -p option, and it works
>>>>>>>> better than the AGWPE port.  I found that flakey.  I don’t remember the
>>>>>>>> exact details, but switched back to the pseudo terminal version, and it
>>>>>>>> works great.
>>>>>>>> -Chris KQ6UP
>>>>>>>>      On Sun, May 7, 2023 at 6:38 PM Maiko (Personal)
>>>>>>>>      <maiko at pcsinternet.ca <mailto:maiko at pcsinternet.ca>> wrote:
>>>>>>>>          Direwolf is a software modem, you should be using agwpe driver.
>>>>>>>>          Read this document, jump to section 5.6
>>>>>>>>          https://www.langelaar.net/jnos2/documents/j2addendum.txt
>>>>>>>>          <https://www.langelaar.net/jnos2/documents/j2addendum.txt>
>>>>>>>>          It's a TCP/IP connection, direwolf is the one talking to the
>>>>>>>>          TNC, not JNOS, so you can't use attach asy type commands.
>>>>>>>>          Maiko
>>>>>>>>           >     Virtual KISS TNC is available on /dev/pts/2
>>>>>>>>           >     Ready to accept AGW client application 0 on port 8000 ...
>>>>>>>>           >     Ready to accept KISS TCP client application 0 on port 8001 ...
>>>>>>>>           >     Created symlink /tmp/kisstnc -> /dev/pts/2

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