[nos-bbs] Help with getting minimal JNOS configuration working

Chris Maness christopher.maness at gmail.com
Sun May 7 19:04:42 EDT 2023

Also, JNOS aside, reach out to me if your system crashes with AX.25.   It
maybe more stable on the Pi, but I had to revert back to an older kernel
version (LTS Support still) 4.4.301 with one patch I applied myself is is
running very nicely.  You might find that running AX.25 natively in Linux
not worth the hassle currently because of bugs and the fact that it is
largely redundant to JNOS, but I was able to get it running nicely with
NETROM and LinFBB for the sake of not wanting something technical to beat
me without exhausting all options it is a nice learning process.


On Sun, May 7, 2023 at 11:11 AM David Lolling <dave.lolling at gmail.com>

> Hello,
> I am a long time Ham and long time Linux/Unix user but just started
> playing with AX25/Aprs.  I have two small test packet stations setup
> consisting of a Raspberry Pi connected to a Baofeng UV-5R through a DigiRig
> interface.  Both systems have the AX25 stack installed as well as
> Direwolf.  I set up the test environment so I can learn about packet radio
> and eventually set up a BBS in our area as we currently do not have any
> packet services in our area.
> I have JNOS version 2.0.o.2 installed on one of the Raspberry Pi's and it
> seems to be working OK. I am using the minimal autoexec.nos and am having
> problems getting the RF port up and running.
> When I start up JNOS using the command ./jnos -d /jnos I get the following
> errors:
> Can't lock /dev//tmp/kisstnc (/var/lock/LCK../tmkisstnc): No such file or
> directory
> Interface "vhf" unknown
> input line: ifconfig vhf description "vhf - 1200 baud port"
> Interface "vhf" unknown
> input line: param vhf 2 256
> Interface "vhf" unknown
> input line: param vhf 3 1
> Interface "vhf" unknown
> input line: param vhf 5 1
> Interface "vhf" unknown
> input line: param vhf TxDelay 25
> Interface "vhf" unknown
> I started Direwolf before starting JNOS and Direwolf reports the following:
> Virtual KISS TNC is available on /dev/pts/2
> Ready to accept AGW client application 0 on port 8000 ...
> Ready to accept KISS TCP client application 0 on port 8001 ...
> Created symlink /tmp/kisstnc -> /dev/pts/2
> I am assuming I just have something misconfigured?
> From past experiments, I have axports, ax25d.conf, ax25-node configured so
> I can connect to this node.  At the moment, I don't have any of that
> running, just Direwolf and JNOS running.
> Can anyone point me in the right direction to get JNOS configured so I can
> connect using the RF port? Do I need to make any other configuration
> changes? Are there other commands I need to run and in what sequence?
> Any help would be appreciated.
> 73 - Dave
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