[nos-bbs] what constitutes NEW msgs ?

John Kristian jmkristian at gmail.com
Mon Sep 26 19:05:52 EDT 2022

On second thought, I'd like bulletins to work differently from messages 
addressed to me personally. I'd like a bulletin to be 'new' if I haven't 
listed it in a previous session or read it. So if I see its subject but 
log out without reading it, it's not 'new' in the next session. There 
are lots of bulletins, and I often glance at a bulletin's subject and 
immediately decide I never want to read it.

This would be nice but not essential, I think.

Best regards,
John Kristian W6JMK

On 9/26/2022 1:08 PM, John Kristian wrote:
> I want a message to be 'new' iff I haven't read it.
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>> Subject: [nos-bbs] what constitutes NEW msgs ?
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>> I would like to collect various thoughts on this.
>> What constitutes new messages when you sign into a BBS ?
>> What process do you want to see or do you think should be seen ?
>> Is new messages those that have not been read ?
>> Is new messages only stated on a single sign in ?
>> I have had various folks question the NEW MSGS thingy over the
>> course of the past decade, and quite honestly ? I still have no
>> clue as to what conditions warrant 'new msg(s)' ...
>> Maiko / VE4KLM

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