[nos-bbs] disable netrom nodetimer

Andrew Pepper anpepper at gmail.com
Sun Sep 11 13:00:07 EDT 2022

You are talking about the 'bcnodes' command. It's nodetimer that has a default value of 1800 seconds. It also transmits the netrom nodelist on all ports (at least both of my RF ports are) at the same time.
I've currently set mine to 60 minutes.

Now that poses another question. What is the difference between "bcnodes" & "nodetimer" other than how you call the command and you can't specify a port with nodetimer?

netrom nodetimer [<seconds>]

Display or set the interval to transmit the nodes list. If you want to use an
interval other than the default, you must first attach the netrom interface with
'attach netrom' and then set the new nodetimer value. Default is 1800 seconds
(half an hour).

netrom bcnodes <iface>

Initiates an immediate broadcast of nodelist on <iface>. Verbose behavior is
controlled by the 'netrom interface' command.


On 9/11/22 12:17, Charles J. Hargrove wrote:
> I do it by setting the required ports that I do want to broadcast and/or
> poll in a text file and then call that file by time in the 
> autoexec.nos script.
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>> Is there an option to disable the "netrom nodetimer" broadcasting the
>> nodes list?
>> Also is there a way to restrict that broadcast by port?
>> Thanks
>> Andrew
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