[nos-bbs] 44net - JNOS (encap/rip) <-> Other System (BGP)

Maiko (Personal) maiko at pcsinternet.ca
Thu Sep 8 23:55:23 EDT 2022

Good evening,

I have heard rumours of IP IP based systems not being
able to connect to BGP based systems on ampr.org, and
it's possible that I just encountered my first case.

Libor I have BCC'd you on this post, maybe I am totally
in left field, but perhaps I am correct on this ???

My JNOS is on ampr.org, I run JNOS on a linux host, where
JNOS does the encap (IP IP) for any 44 hosts that show up
in the JNOS routing table via the RIP broadcasts (or your
encap.txt file if you still use that).

So I recently added a new axip link to a new 44 host, but
the interesting thing is this. I can ping the 44 number from
my linux host but not from my JNOS. There is a RIP broadcast
for this particular host, but it's almost like it's old and
was not deleted from the database. If I overide this route,
and just default route the 44 host direct to internet, without
any encap (IP IP), I can ping it fine. So I have to guess this
new 44 host is coming in direct (no encap) via BGP ???

They are using my 44 address to get to me, the problem is that my
44 address requires encap (IP IP), but IF they are truly BGP based,
then chances are they are not running an encapsulator, so then I
should give them my commercial IP address instead and go direct
without encap (IP IP) ?

So then the only challenge left on my side is to make sure
any axip received on my linux host (internet side) gets routed
direct to my JNOS as is, over the tun0 connecting JNOS to my
linux host.

Does this make sense ? Very interesting scenario.

Maiko / VE4KLM

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