[nos-bbs] ax25 autoroute question

jj ve1jot at eastlink.ca
Fri Mar 18 03:27:24 EDT 2022

Hallo gang...I just noticed a lot of automatically added digipeat paths 
when I get a user using any digi path using outbound connect requests..I 
have ax25 autoroute disabled in config.h, so wondering if there was an 
easier way to clean that cruft out of my ax25 tables so that it doesn't 
ruin everybody elses connections when they try a direct connect...for 
instance, a user can sometimes type "c hf ve4klm s" in an effort to stay 
connected to my node as most nodes will do, however, in my case, now 
that this has been typed as a connection request by any user, if I 
subsequently try a direct connect to, say, ve4klm now, I type "c hf 
ve4klm", and jnos tries "SABM: VE4KLM V S"...well, now the route to 
ve4klm is not going to work for anyone attempting it now until I get a 
chance to manually delete each and every ax25 route, or just reboot 
jnos, but often reboot isn't an easy option for me as I run it on a 
headless pi hi...perhaps it is a setting I might have missed..sure hope 
so lol..



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