[nos-bbs] Sending a welcome message when connecting to the RF port

Jay jjn at nuge.com
Fri Nov 26 09:46:20 EST 2021

Greetings Christopher,

On Fri, 26 Nov 2021, debiani386 via nos-bbs wrote:

> Is there a way on jnos to send a welcome message when a user connects to the RF port like
> what is sent when a user connects via telnet? Something like "Welcome to the AZGATE jnos
> node - issue the N command for a list of nodes" when the user connects to the RF port?

    When connecting, a user receives whatever text is in the MBOX TMSG 
setting in AUTOEXEC.NOS

    For example:

          mbox tmsg "For login {callsign) & your name for password.\n\n"

    So you can set your MBOX TMSG like this:

          mbox tmsg "Welcome to the AZGATE jnos node - issue the N command 
for a list of nodes. \n\n"

    The \n is a NEWLINE, which scrolls the screen one line.  Kinda like a 
carriage return would do.  So in this case we scroll the screen at the end 
of the text and one additional line before presenting the LOGIN prompt,

    Hope this helps ya!

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> Christopher Kelley
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