[nos-bbs] interesting - pop mail to read WW area :)

M Langelaar maiko at pcsinternet.ca
Thu Oct 29 23:55:00 EDT 2020

My so called WORLD area for bulletins is @ww

Out of a hunch, decided to put an entry into my /jnos/popusers file :


then setup thunderbird for pop3, leave messages on server, user 'ww'.

Dirty way to download all the bulletins to thunderbird, a bit slow if you
have 720 of them, so download headers only, still a bit slow, so maybe
more the reason for me to rewrite some of that to store each message
in it's own file then one huge file for all of them - maildir vs mbox 
... Not
the first time I've thought about it, the last time was years ago :(

Anyways, in case anyone is curious, that actually works if you need
something, even if it means setting up a separate email account just for
the one ww 'user' or whatever other bulletin area you're interested in.


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