[nos-bbs] off topic - Iron Maiden

Jay Nugent jjn at nuge.com
Wed Sep 4 11:57:45 EDT 2019


On Wed, 4 Sep 2019, Langelaar wrote:

> Not everyone's cup of tea, but I felt the need to share my energy :
> Last Wednesday with my oldest boy here in Winnipeg, then drove to
> Calgary to meet up with my youngest to watch them again Saturday.
> I haven't seen Maiden for 33 years if my math is correct.
> At least my boys can say they did now - and man what a show !
> I feel reborn, jumping around like a jelly bean lately.

    Well, don't sprain anything.  Remember your age.... (wry grin)

    Glad that you had a great reunion and that it made you so happy :)

       --- Jay WB8TKL

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