[nos-bbs] JNOS AGWPE and multiple direwolf modems

Kayne Kruse kayne.kruse at gmail.com
Thu Jan 17 09:03:07 EST 2019

Hi All,

I have been struggling with JNOS-2.0k.3B-URO over here and an issue with
the agwpe driver.

I want to use two instances of direwolf, one modem on hf 300 bps and one on
vhf at 1200.
While attached by themselves they work fine. When I attach the second agwpe
device things seem to get a little wierd in jnos.  I am not convinced that
if you attach 300 bps modem first that jnos doesnt get confused and mixes
up the attachment with the second one.   I caught a crash once but didnt
get the data that time.   Is anyone else running two AGWPE style modems
something like below or is it bugged/incomplete?

attach agwpe hf 8000
attach agwpe vhf 8100

73 n9seo - Kayne

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