[nos-bbs] JNOS-2.0k.3B_URO on Debian-9.5

SP2L SP2L at sp2l.ampr.org
Sun Nov 18 07:24:45 EST 2018

Hello Niels et al.

I was just about to sent message on the [nos-bbs] list
describing my recent findings and solutions.

But first of all I wanted to do more solid observations
and that was the reason to not go public with this, yet.

To answer your question, you're not missing _ANY_
mails on the newsgroup as there were none such alike.

Below,  Maiko's VE4KLM  answer to issue that I've reported
on [nos-bbs] list on Nov 16th at 17:48UTC.


On 17/11/2018 01:19, M Langelaar wrote:

My first suggestion to 'fix' this ?

Don't use the INP code anymore, edit your config.h, change :

     #define INP2011

to this instead :

     #undef INP2011

Then remove a few object files :

    rm config.o newinp.o nr3.o nrcmd.o

Then 'make', try that binary out, let me know how it goes



After I applied suggested change in  config.h  file,
newly compiled JNOS-2.0k.3B-URO is running on my server just happily
and uninterruptedly from  Nov 17 2018 00:37:02 UTC  till now.

That's almost all, except that desktop PC is powered now by Debian-9.6
with kernel 4.9.0-8-amd64 #1 SMP Debian 4.9.130-2 (2018-10-27) x86_64
and additionally patched   ax25.ko  kernel module.

KUDOS go to Marius YO2LOJ, as he prepared almost plug&play package
in order to maximally ease apply ax25.ko module patch.

VE7FET's ax25 stack, URONode-2.9, JNOS-2.0k3B-URO, FBB BBS-7.0.8beta7,
and FPACNode-4.0.5are running in almost perfect harmony.

Please note, I do not have any radio links,
therefore I can not speak and make tests on that ground,
and what is more important IMHO - YMMV.

All my recent issues popped up just because I was so desperate
to saddle vicious horse, Debian-9.6 with latest kernel,
and run this combo on new server machine HP-T610, Hi!

Best regards.

Tom - SP2L
It is nice to be important.
But it is more important to be nice!

On 18.11.2018 06:37, Niels Ruiter wrote:
> Hi Tom
> I'm curious what has changed in the config.h.
> I have missed those mails in the newsgroup.
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