[nos-bbs] Registering New Users

Gustavo Ponza g.ponza at tin.it
Sun Mar 11 16:30:41 EDT 2018

Hy Ray,

glad to ear your success on running the JNOS2 :)

Actually the 'register' command is not available
to be used by the sysop to 'register' a user or
itself (refer to '?' commands on sysop console);
but the register operation may be done by any
users after the logon to the JNOS PMS (refer to
the 'h' command).
So you (the sysop) or any other hypothetical user may
register their data ONLY by issuing the 'register'
command at the PMS prompt.

73 and ciao, gus i0ojj/ir0aab

On 03/11/2018 08:15 AM, Ray Quinn wrote:
> First, I have some somewhat good news on the JNOS front. I had been 
> having issues with JNOS just not wanting to run for any length of time. 
> I was debugging with GDB and getting different messages almost every 
> time. I compiled using the default config.h file and let it run for a 
> few days without issue. I then recompiled with the config.h file I had 
> been using and I am happy to say it is still running (although I forgot 
> to make the change in version.c to reflect that).
> I am trying to add a user, but JNOS will not allow me to REGISTER any 
> users. I have the REGISTER option #defined in config.h:
> #define REGISTER        /* Include User Registration option */
> but I don't see it, at least not locally. Any ideas as to why?
> Thanks!!

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