[nos-bbs] Query about passwords

Bruce Nebergall K4TQL k4tql at dts-ga.com
Wed Feb 21 20:04:50 EST 2018

I've been a LOOOOONG time away from NOS.  Back in the day, I used a copy 
of KA9Q NOS to create GRAPESNOS which was used in a 56K RF lan around 
the Atlanta/North Georgia area.  Back then things were simpler. 
Passwords, if you had them, were sent in the clear.

Now, if I read the documentation correctly, passwords used for JNOS2 are 
encrypted.  Are they passed on RF encrypted or in the clear?  I know you 
can encrypt them for storage but what about on-the-air logins?

Bruce / K4TQL
dah di di dit ... dah dit

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