[nos-bbs] nos-bbs Digest, Vol 156, Issue 15

Michael Fox - N6MEF n6mef at mefox.org
Fri Oct 27 00:09:15 EDT 2017


Let's see, you first said:

> ... as per BBS protocol specifications

1998 BBS Specification -- no mention of WP
2012 BBS Specification -- no mention of WP

Then, when asked for a reference, you said:

> F6FBB Documentation. If you're running WP and FBB type 2 compression you should be familiar with it's specs.

FBB forwarding protocol (http://www.f6fbb.org/protocole.html)  -- no mention of WP
I'm not an FBB user, so I haven't read all FBB documentation.

The JNOS Manual doesn't mention WP except in Appendix F (pg 154 of PDF version), which shows a sample rewrite file treating "wp@*" as a bulletin.  
To wit:  
    # Now pass specific bulletins on to our areas
    wp@* btrbbs

Maybe it's documented elsewhere, maybe not.  You still haven't given a reference.
But even if it is document somewhere, it's clearly well hidden, and I certainly wouldn't expect ANY JNOS sysop to find it.

> BPQ BBS is the only system which does this.

Also incorrect.

My FBB forwarding partner sends as type "B":
    Wed Oct 25 20:45:10 2017  x.x.x.x:40996 (yyyy) - MBOX (n6rme) incoming proposal FA B LW3DPA WW WP 14520_LW3DPA 487
    Wed Oct 25 20:45:10 2017  x.x.x.x:40996 (yyyy) - MBOX (n6rme) incoming proposal FA B LW1EAA WW WP 1883-LW1EAA 191
(Perhaps this is caused by the originator using type "B".  But the point is that the vast majority of what I see coming through is type B.  In fact, as far as I can tell from grepping the logs on a couple of our machines, it's *ALL* type B.)

And, my JNOS systems were doing it too, since I had previously configured them similar to the above JNOS Manual example.

> The reason you don't find them useful is because SB WP@* is never
> processed by the White Pages internal server with possibly the exclusion
> of BPQ BBS. 

Also incorrect.
We don't find the whole concept/functionality of white pages to be useful.

You might want to withhold your arrogant comments about what others should know, at least until you get your own facts straight.


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