[nos-bbs] nos-bbs Digest, Vol 156, Issue 15

Michael Fox - N6MEF n6mef at mefox.org
Thu Oct 26 21:47:14 EDT 2017

> -----Original Message-----
> White pages updates are sent directly to your neighbor's WP server as a
> type P
> not a type B message as per BBS protocol specifications. 

Reference please. I find no mention of WP in either the 1998 or 2012 version of the BBS specification.

> It's not a matter
> of
> what "I" would prefer. A BBS which doesn't follow protocol that's been
> used
> for decades shouldn't be linked in until it's code is corrected.
> I'm a bit taken by your having a need to ask this.

I don't see why.  Given that BPQ was also sending as B, this must be a widespread ambiguity.  (I'm not calling it a misunderstanding since I haven't yet seen a specification that says sending WP as type B is wrong.)

FWIW, I've reconfigured all of our BBSs to refuse WP@*.  We don't find them useful anyway.  We were just accepting and passing them along for the benefit of others.  Of course, this doesn't solve Ray's problem.  But just FYI.


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