[nos-bbs] WL2K forwarding issues ? (was Re: JNOS2 failure?)

Maiko Langelaar maiko at pcs.mb.ca
Tue Nov 28 10:23:01 EST 2017

Good day to all,

Looks like when I telnet to the wl2k system I am seeing the
first byte of each string sent back to me 'eaten' just like the
old CRONLY issues from years ago.

I've obviously missed something with regard to the newly
centralized winlink services ... I'm working on it (Gus) ...


PS : working on your changes as well Michael :)

On 11/15/2017 03:01 AM, Gustavo Ponza wrote:
> Hi all,
> since last month, before the WL2K changes/upgrades the CMSs
> I correctly received all System or Sysop msgs from there.
> Yesterday afternoon I logged again the WL2K web site and
> renew the account, etc.
> Then the WL2K system tried to forward a Welcome Message
> and JNOS2 seems don't comply the forwarding process, so
> the WL2K is giving the following error every time the
> JNOS connect that system:
> 21:06:59 - MBOX (wl2k) connected
> 21:07:00 - [I0OJJ] requesting secure login
> 21:07:01 - MBOX (wl2k) forwarding
> 21:07:01 - MBOX (wl2k) FBB error, last read : ;PM: 
> I0OJJ 42TIXTP3TOX2 935 WEBMASTER at winlink.org Welcome to the Winlink 
> web site!
> 21:07:01 - MBOX (wl2k) fwd exit

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