[nos-bbs] jnos doesn't see the net on new pi sdcard

jerome schatten romers at shaw.ca
Mon Nov 6 19:18:21 EST 2017

The SD card on my jnos pi2b has quite a number of file system problems now although jnos still works fine.  I thought to fix it, so I tarred up the working jnos and put it on a usb stick.  I then made a new SD card using the most recent noobs, and then sftp’d the tarred jnos into a jnos directory on the new card. Jnos comes up with no errors, however, I no longer can ping the router from inside jnos — and thus jnos can’t see the net.

So, in it’s simplest form the problem is: Jnos can’t see the router.

Pinging around:

1. From the linux prompt I can ping both sides of tun0; the address of the Pi, and the rest of the world including the router. I cannot ping the 44 address of the pi.

2. From within jnos, I can ping my 44 address and both sides of tun0, and the address of the pi — but as I said, I can’t ping the router. It is as I have lost the routing between jnos and linux. 

The new version of raspian jessie (the latest) seems to have changed a bit, and I’m hoping I’ve just missed something.  Any ideas are welcome.

jerome - ve7ass/va7vv


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