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Brian n1uro at n1uro.ampr.org
Fri May 12 13:32:10 EDT 2017

On Fri, 2017-05-12 at 08:39 -0700, jerome schatten wrote:
> Thanks Michael…
> All firewalls, spi, etc. in the modem have been turned off.  Still no
> packets at all from the gateway.  Iptables off also.  Also, very
> strange, not a single spam packet on the F9 screen.  The only thing
> that appears are the packets from my forwarding partners. Maybe I
> should just be thankful and leave it at that, but that’s not my nature
> <g>. j.

Also note: ISPs, especially cable-based ISPs such as Comcast, are
deploying firmware that is not 100% (as verified to me by Cisco - who
makes one brand of CPE for Comcast). As ISPs roll out these unannounced
"firmware upgrades", ip protocol 4 (ipencap) is filtered, as is GRE and
other protocols which could be used to tunnel through.

Another dirty they're doing is running a socket watchdog timer that cuts
off sockets within 30 seconds or less now... it used to be 5 minutes (IP
rules compliancy). In my legal battles with comcast, the FCC finally
sided with them and are allowing them to do this. Initially they were
against it because the "fix" requires purchase of additional routers.
Now Comcast is trying to figure out how to filter *my* personal router
without affecting me. I catch them at this all the time. They're really
total scumbags.

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