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Boudewijn (Bob) Tenty bobtenty at gmail.com
Sat Jun 3 18:30:22 EDT 2017

This is needed in bpq32.cfg to setup the axudp/axip port.

The 'map' line is used for making the axudp connection with the far end

 PORTNUM=4              ; Optional but sets port number if stated
 ID=AX/IP/UDP           ; Displayed by PORTS command
 DRIVER=BPQAXIP         ; Uses BPQAXIP capability of bpq32.dll
 QUALITY=230            ; Quality factor applied to node broadcasts heard on
                                        ; this port, unless overridden by a locked route
                                        ; entry. Setting to 0 stops node broadcasts
 MINQUAL=120            ; Entries in the nodes table with qualities greater or
                                        ; equal to MINQUAL will be sent on this port. A value
                                        ; of 0 sends everything.
 MAXFRAME=2             ; Max outstanding frames (1 thru 7)
 FRACK=4000             ; Level 2 timout in milliseconds
 RESPTIME=1000          ; Level 2 delayed ack timer in milliseconds
 RETRIES=5              ; Level 2 maximum retry value
 PACLEN=236             ; Max = 236
 CONFIG                 ; BPQAXIP.cfg has been deprecated.  Instead the AXIP
                        ; configuration occurs here:
 MHEARD                 ; Opens AXIP MHEARD window
 UDP 10093              ;Listens for UDP packets on this UDP port number
; DONTCHECKSOURCECALL   ;This option allows entries in the NODES table from
                                        ;stations sending you nodes broadcasts without the
                                        ;corresponding node being configured in bpqaxip.cfg.
; AUTOADDMAP                    ;This option automatically adds the node call and
                                        ;address of a node for which you do not have a
                                        ;pre-arranged fixed entry in bpqaxip.cfg.  If the
                                        ;option DONTCHECKSOURCECALL is specified then the
                                        ;AUTOADDMAP option is ignored.
 MAP VZ2XYZ-7 UDP 10093




On 2017-06-03 05:14 PM, jerome schatten wrote:
> Thanks Michael… I now have the link working and it’s slick as it pulls in a bunch of bpq guys up country here that was very tough to get to before.  
> I simply did a axudp attach to his commercial ip on port 10093 and the rest was same as a jnos link with my 44 address.
> Interesting that at first blush, it seems very much faster than any of the axip/44 links that I have set up. I guess that’s because there’s no encapping so there’s a whole layer of stuff the system doesn’t have to deal with.  Still you do get a sense that it’s still ham stuff as the netrom packets fly by with attached call letters and I do still have a vhf radio drop working <g>. 
> I still don’t know what the bpq setup is and would be interested to find out. I guess if someone has a bpq config file they could send it, and the mystery would be solved <g>.
> Thanks to all that responded,
> jerome - ve7ass
>> On Jun 3, 2017, at 13:35, Michael Fox - N6MEF <n6mef at mefox.org> wrote:
>> Jerome,
>> Here is what I use for connection on port 10093 (and don't care what source port they send from = -1).
>> Note that since this uses the bpq system's hostname, it must happen AFTER autoexec.nos is done so that DNS is functioning.  So, I put these commands in a separate file, and in autoexec.nos I use:
>> 	at now+0001 "source <filename>"
>> Perhaps someone here is also running BPQ and can help you with that end.
>> Michael
>> attach axudp <jnosinterface> 256 <bpq-hostname> <bpqcall-ssid> -1 10093
>> ifconfig <jnosinterface> description  "<bpqcall-ssid>  : <bpqnetromalias> : <bpq location>"
>> ifconfig <jnosinterface> ax25 bctext  "<mycall-ssid >  : <mynetromalias>  : <my location>"
>> mbox hideport <jnosinterface> off
>> mbox mport <jnosinterface> off
>> ip hport <jnosinterface> on
>> #netrom interface <jnosinterface> 236 0
>> #netrom route add <bpqnetromalias> <bpqcall-ssid> <jnosinterface> 236 <bpqcall-ssid>
>> #trace <jnosinterface> 0111 ./logs/trace.<jnosinterface> 1000
>>> -----Original Message-----
>>> Can someone tell me how to set up a internet udp link between jnos and
>>> bpq?
>>> The config block for both sides would be helpful.
>>> I have the bpq station’s commercial ip address and he has mine.
>>> Thanks,
>>> jerome - ve7ass
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