[nos-bbs] Mail bug - confirmed

Brian n1uro at n1uro.ampr.org
Sat Jul 22 12:43:31 EDT 2017

It appears a race condition exists within forward.bbs:
If the sysop is using a conditional timer via @## (at least with no
argv to compare the timeout with) ex: @20, then this will cause the
host with such forward.bbs to NOT send using FBB protocols even if their
mailbox is set as mbox fbb 1|2, and the message BID will not be sent.

This was confirmed between myself and Gus i0ojj, as suggested via
testing from Maiko. Thanks to Gus for sharing his forward.bbs with
me so I can clone a test to confirm this bug.

In the interim I DID send Maiko a patch to also check SP mail for BIDs
and if none exist to fail the forward as JNOS does with SB mail - as
no BBS imho should accept *any* mail without a proper BID. It's how
dupes and other nasties get started. 
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