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Sat Jan 21 16:12:06 EST 2017

On 08/01/2017 18:47, Ian_Wade_G3NRW wrote:
> ANNOUNCE: Welcome to G3NRW 2017
> A brief note to say I have now completely reorganized my website, 
> collecting everything together at:
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> http://www.g3nrw.net
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I forgot to mention here that in reorganizing my website, I have now 
added the complete text of NOSintro for the first time. Although I wrote 
the book 25 years ago [1], much of it is still applicable today (but 
some of it is now out of date, of course).

I am including the full text on my site now just for reference, since 
the book is long out of print.

Available at: http://www.g3nrw.net/NOSintro/

Click on the red link just under the cover picture.

[1] Just think, many of today's up-and-coming digital radio gurus 
weren't even born then!

Ian, G3NRW
g3nrw at g3nrw.net

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