[nos-bbs] Sending mail to regular addresses via Winlink

Bill Vodall wa7nwp at gmail.com
Wed Jun 22 19:12:24 EDT 2016

>  I understand now that he's trying to send SMTP from Thunderbird to JNOS, then AX.25 from JNOS to Winlink RMS, then Winlink RMS to Winlink CMS, then SMTP from Winlink CMS to the Internet.  The better alternative is to put JNOS with a modern mail server at the far side and go straight out to the Internet from there.  No Winlink required.

Better is perhaps relative..   An important issue here is that we have
these nifty tools (building blocks) and they can for the most part
inter-operate since they're based on Internet standards.  If they
don't work, then we should do what we can to fix it so they do as they
should.  Whether somebody should or not leave it on the wild Internet
is a different issue that's been discussed since the beginning.
Compared to the others, WL2K, linbpq, Mesh/HamLAN's - JNOS is a small
piece of the action.  Maybe we should set up a FAQ..

JNOS is still the 'funnest' package and I wish I had it going on the
air and I'm closer by the day...  If it was, I'd be testing every
station I could reach just to see how things go.  This would be
generally Ham RF only...   What we do on RF is special - Internet is

FWIW - I used to think the winlink smtp: message addressing scheme was
silly.   Then I started using Exchange and Outlook at work - and
learned the smtp:ADDRESS scheme is apparently an early Microsoft

Bill, WA7NWP

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