[nos-bbs] Sending mail to regular addresses via Winlink

Maiko Langelaar maiko at pcs.mb.ca
Wed Jun 22 16:08:14 EDT 2016

Just for discussion sake, nothing more, not being too serious about it ...

> Why would you want to take an SMTP client like Thunderbird and have it
> send to JNOS, which would then send to Winlink, which would then send to
> the ultimate address ?

You're assuming JNOS is using internet to get to Winlink. What if internet
is not available, then Glen's message is stuck on JNOS, and will stay 
there till it somehow gets to Winlink via some other means. I've had 
experimental code in there for quite some time that allows some type
of interaction over radio to get messages between JNOS and Airmail
and/or CMS servers.

The 'problem' is that hardly a soul has tried any of it. I've played
with it, with some successes in the past, however Winlink infrastructure
has changed considerbly since those days, so I don't know right now.

BUT I can appreciate what Glen is trying to do here. Looking for an 
alternate way to get his message passed, it doesn't have to be winlink,
it could be another BBS system reachable by radio. With proper planning
specific internet email addressess could be setup for an EOC, not just
any non-ham internet email address.

Just because internet is disrupted at his EOC running JNOS, does not
mean the well connected Winlink servers are going to be offline.

> what you're suggesting would make JNOS an open relay.

I don't think so, if you open up JNOS SMTP to the world, yes, but to
a local LAN within an EOC or small group of folks with a dedicated
purpose for it ? no (in my humble opinion).

Maiko VE4KLM

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