[nos-bbs] Convers link IP

'Gustavo Ponza' g.ponza at tin.it
Tue Jul 12 13:53:19 EDT 2016

Hi Jack,

> The issue occurs if the link should fail (for any reason), the server 
> tries
> to relink to a bogus ip address that somehow shows up in the 'convers 
> link'
> statement.  In the example (below), the ip is nowhere 
> to be
> found on my system.  The correct link ip should be which was
> used to make the original connection to the remote server.

just tried from here and the ip results bogus, so this means
that no convers server is associated with it.
The IP results active and it is the 'saupp' running at 
G4APL ...
just exchanged greetings with Paul.

> Shortly after I start the convers server, a bogus ip replaces the
> address.  The server contines to run without a problem.  
> But,
> if it should fail, it trys to relink using the bogus ip and, of 
> course, it
> fails to relink because the bogus ip is not associated with any convers
> server(s). Also, the bogus ip's are not listed in the 'convers filter 
> accept'
> file.

The running encap file at gw.ampr.org associates the 44.131.244/24 subnet
to the commercial IP 62.x.x.x which is that I currently use for the PBBS 
forwarding with the GB7CIP/G4APL ...

> It doesn't matter what convers server(s) I choose to link with, the 
> original
> link address always gets replaced by a bogus ip address.  The bogus 
> address
> ip remains the same, unless I choose a differnet convers server. Then, 
> the
> bogus ip changes.

I suggest you to use the 62.x.x.x IP since it is a static IP address and so
it wouldn't be changed by the bogus one.

73, gus

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