[nos-bbs] Convers link IP

Jeifer jeifer at cwo.com
Tue Jul 12 11:53:23 EDT 2016

Hi Gus,

Thanks for responding.

There's no problem with convers running.

The issue occurs if the link should fail (for any reason), the server tries
to relink to a bogus ip address that somehow shows up in the 'convers link'
statement.  In the example (below), the ip is nowhere to be
found on my system.  The correct link ip should be which was
used to make the original connection to the remote server.

Shortly after I start the convers server, a bogus ip replaces the address.  The server contines to run without a problem.  But,
if it should fail, it trys to relink using the bogus ip and, of course, it
fails to relink because the bogus ip is not associated with any convers
server(s). Also, the bogus ip's are not listed in the 'convers filter 

It doesn't matter what convers server(s) I choose to link with, the original
link address always gets replaced by a bogus ip address.  The bogus address
ip remains the same, unless I choose a differnet convers server. Then, the
bogus ip changes.

I don't recall this behavior in previous versions of Jnos.

Hope this made sense :)

Jack AA6HF

jnos> convers link

Host       State        Software  Since NextTry Tries Receivd Xmitted
Catham_UK  Connected    saupp1.6   3:12                264424 2574

jnos> convers filter mode
Mode is: Accept

jnos> convers filter
Mode is: Accept

(nos.log )
Tue Jul 12 03:09:43 2016  CONSOLE - convers link
Tue Jul 12 03:12:06 2016  CONSOLE - convers filter


On 07/12/2016 05:33 AM, 'Gustavo Ponza' wrote:
> Hi Jack,
>> How is it possible for the convers sever to arbitrarily change the 
>> link IP address when there's only ONE link IP being allowed?
>> Has anyone using 2.0k.rc or any other version of Jnos experienced 
>> this odd convers behavior?
>> Jack AA6HF
> I had the JNOS2 Convers running for many years until some
> months ago ... just re-enabled for a while this morning on the
> 2.0k.rc and it continues to be stable rock...
> 73, gus
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