[nos-bbs] 2.0k.rc testing: [snip snip snip]

Maiko Langelaar maiko at pcs.mb.ca
Wed Jul 6 00:30:45 EDT 2016

Michael, I'm sorry but these are just not worth mentioning.

> The “- only if we get FF send FQ” aren’t identified as to which IP address

It's a DEBUG meant just for me, I forgot to remove it, already
have on my dev system.

> The “warning : [snip] ” log messages do not include MBOX (n6rme). 

Those warnings are specific to I/O, it's too much trouble to include
the MBOX stuff, I'm not going to change a bunch of core functions just
for that. Not worth my time, sorry.

> in essence, JNOS is able to carry out one command every <mbox tdisc> seconds.

This is by design unfortunately, it depends on mbox tdisc. This issue happens
in spurts, I have cases where the EOL is fine for quite some time, and suddenly
it will show up out of the blue. You have to set a shorter timeout to make it
work better.

I've entertained the idea of having a 'mbox tdisc' specific to a bbs call,
perhaps that's the best solution until the actual problem is fixed, I don't
know. It's working quite well, you just have to tolerate the time outs.

as for the compiler warnings ? Thank you :)


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