[nos-bbs] Jnos smtp server prob.

jerome schatten romers at shaw.ca
Mon Jan 11 02:34:38 EST 2016

I’ve been running jnos on my Pi ever since the Pi came out a few years ago with no real problem.  The binary compiles with no errors, and I’ve sent the 2.0j7 binary to several folks who were interested and helped them to get things running.  I supply a minimal autoexec.nos, as well as the other config files.  Just enough to get things going. 

So my latest attempt to help someone get started with the pi and jnos has ended up with a major problem that I can’t get my little head around. Ax25 is working and so is netrom, telnet, the tunnel, the vhf port.  Mail, however is where the problem is.  

If a new user logs in and registers, and then tries to send a message, say to the sysop, that message simply ends up in mqueue rather than the sysop’s mailbox.  Now when smtp starts to deliver the message, things go haywire.  Some kind of race condition starts where an smtp session opens and closes, literally hundreds of times (thousands if you let it long enough) trying to deliver the message until I have to kill jnos. Sequence.seq keep incrementing, but there is nothing but empty messages in mqueue. I sense that this is because the server can’t find the destination mailbox.

I have root privileges on the new remote system and I’ve checked the new system against mine which runs fine, and I can’t see where I’ve gone wrong.  I can remember a race condition being discussed before, but I can’t remember if it was around the smtp server.

Suggestions appreciated!
jerome - ve7ass

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