[nos-bbs] JNOS version 2.0k crashes...

Boudewijn (Bob) Tenty bobtenty at gmail.com
Thu Aug 4 19:31:49 EDT 2016

A fellow ham I installed packet for has the following problems with 

Jnos crashes (freezes) a lot if he enters "b" from the jnos prompt to 
access the bbs and
go to for instance FBB over a kiss link and starts reading the mail there.
It doesn't crashes as far as we can see if the telnets to jnos from the 
shell prompt and
then starts reading the mail at his FBB bbs.

I used gdb to get a backtrace but there is none.



On 2016-07-26 12:35 PM, Maiko Langelaar wrote:
> 2.0k.rc IS 2.0k - same thing, just rebranded.
> Maiko
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