[nos-bbs] FBB forwarding questions

Michael E Fox (N6MEF) n6mef at mefox.org
Tue Mar 3 00:09:38 EST 2015

I'm trying to understand the correlation between the N value in FBB and the
JNOS mbox fbb value.


>From the F6FBB web page for forward.sys


N (number)

Assigns the standard forward protocol (MBL/RLI) for the specified BBS.

  1 = FBB forwarding allowed

  2 = FBB+BIN forwarding

  4 = FBB+BIN+Resume

  8 = XFWD

  Ex: N 15 = Sum of all protocols (default)


And from JNOS, the value of mbox fbb as defined in the help files and

    0  =  standard WA7MBL-style forwarding

    1  =  FBB batched-style forwarding

    2  =  FBB compressed and batched forwarding


So, it seems to me that on both systems:

-- a value of 0 means plain text forwarding

-- a value of 1 means FBB batched forwarding


Is that correct?


And then "mbox fbb 2" adds compression while FBB N=4 adds BIN+Resume.  Are
these the same or not?


Next, the "!" in forward.bbs is defined in the manual as "eschew FBB
compression".  More like "eschew clarity".  

Is this equivalent to setting the NO-FBBCMP permission in ftpusers?

And does this apply when mbox fbb is set to 2 and you want to use plain fbb
(mbox fbb 1) on a particular BBS?


Lastly, now that "mbox fbb 1" is fixed in 2.0j.7q, is it recommended to set
that in autoexec.nos?

In other words, are there any situations where setting "mbox fbb 1" would
NOT be a good idea?


Thanks much,



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