[nos-bbs] status of MID/BID comparison

Michael E Fox - N6MEF n6mef at mefox.org
Wed Feb 11 15:28:14 EST 2015

I'll summarize what I've heard so far about the MID/BID case-sensitive
comparison issue and then ask what next.  My interest/concern here is that
the problem is occurring in our area with one of our forwarding partners.



-- One person said FBB makes a case-sensitive comparison.

-- Do we know that for certain?



-- We know that JNOS will originate in upper case and usually forward as
upper case

-- But there is one case (reverse forwarding with "mbox fbb 0") where JNOS
will forward as lower case

-- It seems that consistency would be preferred (but not required if
comparisons are case-insensitive)



-- Some have said the MID/BID *should* be considered case sensitive

-- Others have said that case-INsensitive is how it's been and should


So, after all the comments, I we have lots of opinions and very little if
any new data.  (In other words, a typical ham discussion).  :-(


No one has come forward with a reason for case-sensitivity.  So for the
least disruption, it seems we should go with whatever is/has been the norm.
And that seems to be case-insensitive with a default of UPPERcase.  


Is that an accurate assessment?


If that's correct, then it seems the developers need a quick email agreement
on how to get to a single understanding.




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