[nos-bbs] linFBB outgoing compressed fwd to JNOS - a discovery

Maiko Langelaar maiko at pcs.mb.ca
Tue Feb 10 21:35:03 EST 2015

Oops, should send this to the list ...

Yeah, I noticed that. I fixed it by adding support for the 'FB' proposal
in the dofbbrecv() function, strange after all these years, it has not
surfaced anywhere else (or has it ?). If you look at fbbfwd.c, around
line number 1110, you'll see something like :

           if (!strnicmp (m->line, "fa", 2) || !strnicmp (m->line, "fc", 2)

So I added another one for "fb", ie :

                     || !strnicmp (m->line, "fb", 2)

I noticed for multiple messages, the first one linFBB sends as FA proposal, 
then for reasons unknown to me the second (and subsequent?)
ones are sent as FB, I don't understand why (might not even try to).

> Wed Feb 11 01:45:03 2015 - MBOX (ve3tok) FA B CX2SA WW 
> SWPC 15443_CX2SA 4075
> Wed Feb 11 01:45:03 2015 - MBOX (ve3tok) FBB error, last 
> read : FB B KI5CT USA PONDER 47070_N0KFQ 3543


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