[nos-bbs] linFBB expert needed - outgoing telnets

Maiko Langelaar maiko at pcs.mb.ca
Mon Feb 9 23:37:57 EST 2015

Decided to compile and install linFbb 7.0.7 (one of the latest I guess)
to make sure JNOS can forward with it. Incoming telnet forwarding from
JNOS works fine (ascii and FBB modes).

But I just can't get an outgoing telnet from linFBB to JNOS. I have an
entry for ve4klm in the bbs.sys and forward.sys (telnet configuration is
confusing, but I think I got it right), any attempt to run FW at the FBB
console just does not do anything, no connection attempt that I can see.

Can someone (who has a working outgoing telnet) please contact me off
list ? Thanks in advance.


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