[nos-bbs] fail2ban and denial of service

Michael E Fox - N6MEF n6mef at mefox.org
Mon Feb 9 18:32:10 EST 2015

Same problem, right?

In other words, say I have telnet forwarding set up between my machine and
AA6AA.  Then some user on AA6AA tries to telnet to my machine as root a few
times.  So I block AA6AA's IP.  Now forwarding is cut off for the whole BBS.



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> Arrggggggg, this was supposed to go to the list ...
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> I have an experimental 'blacklist' for telnet based on some
> new tcp access mods I did a few weeks ago. It will blacklist
> any invalid logins (like root, sh, and so on) using the tcp
> access functionality. It does it immediately. I doubt the
> ip addresses blacklisted are the same ones providing good
> callsigns.
> I was hoping this could wait, but I guess if you want me
> to release it for fun, I could do that ...
> > If I configure fail2ban to block an IP address because of, say, a ?bad
> > login? entry in nos.log, then that will also block legitimate telnet
> > forwarding from that host.
> Chances of legitimate logins to JNOS from the same IP that tried 'root'
> and
> 'sh' (so far anyways) are next to none that I've seen
> (so far that is).
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