[nos-bbs] Changing JNOS log file name

Michael E Fox - N6MEF n6mef at mefox.org
Sun Sep 28 01:52:48 EDT 2014

Also, the use of logrotate and appended date or sequence number would make the rotated/historical logs sort in order, instead of the current order such as:





02Sep14 … etc.





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Spool/mail.log works that way.  I, too, would prefer logs/jnos.log with logrotate.






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Subject: [nos-bbs] Changing JNOS log file name 


Currently JNOS automatically names its log files in the format [ddmmyy] (example : "25Sept14" or "01Jan14")
Is there a way to change the name of the logs to something like "jnos.log" and have jnos always leave the log file name the same?
Then I could use use linux's log-rotate feature to rotate the logs say, once a week.
I'm using an intrusion detection software scanning the logs for "bad login" and automatically ban ip addresses that have 3 or more failed login attempts, via an iptables drop command.
Only, the intrusion detection software (Fail2Ban) needs the log file name to always be the same name. 
Anyone know if it's possible to setup jnos so it always keeps the log file name the same?
Bill - KG6BAJ 

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